Mind and Body Healing

Compiled by Venerable Dr Elgiriye Indaratana Mahā Thera


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Pāḷi Recitation by Venerable Dr Elgiriye Indaratana Mahā Thera


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The word, “Paritta” in Pāḷi, “Paritrana” in Sanskrit and “Pirit” in Singhalese means protection, The Paritta Suttas or Discourses delivered by the Buddha, are recited for protection are known as Paritta, which means the Suttas that protect us all around, warding off dangers, calamities and disasters and bringing in success, prosperity, good health, peace and harmony, They contain words of blessings in addition to the philosophical, psychological and ethical implications. This protection is obtained by reciting or listening to the Paritta Suttas. The practice of reciting or listening to the Paritta Suttas began very early in the history of Buddhism.

Reciting and listening to the Paritta Suttas, which contain fruitful characteristics will help us to repeat our reflections on them, preventing our minds from unwholesome and evil tendencies related to greed, hatred and delusion. Thus reciting the Paritta Suttas will guide us to reflect on the Buddha, the Dhamma, and the Saṅgha and to gain true understanding of the path to peace and happiness.

The recital of Paritta Suttas also results in material blessings through the mental states caused by concentration and confidence in listening intelligently to the recital. According to the Buddha, Right Effort is a necessary factor in overcoming suffering (viriyena dukkhaṁ accheti). Listening to any of these recitals in the proper way can also generate energy for the purpose of doing good and following the path of worldly progress with diligence.

It is understood that listening to these Paritta Suttas will produce in the intelligent and confident listener only wholesome states which can cure and prevent illness. There is no better medicine than the Truth (Dhamma) for both the mental and physical ills which are the cause of all sufferings and misfortunes.

There are several Paritta Suttas which the Buddha, His Disciples and Arahants had recited in cases of illness. When the Buddha was sick, Venerable Mahā Cunda at His request, recited the Bojjhaṅga Paritta and when His Disciples and Arahants were sick, the Buddha Himself recited this Paritta which effected in an immediate recovery. The Bojjhaṅga Paritta is of special significance as it is recited at a high spiritual level.

The Bojjhaṅga Paritta deals with the Seven Factors of Enlightenment, namely, Mindfulness, Investigation of Dhammas, Effort, Rapture, Tranquility, Concentration and Equanimity which are well-expounded by the Buddha, will help the sick to heal their mind and body as well as for those eager to be free from illness, disease or affliction. These factors need to be developed and strengthen in order for one to be fully liberated. When these factors are fully developed, they have the potential to completely cure a person from any painful afflictions caused by defilements. Therefore, the Bojjhaṅga Paritta is the best medicine for healing one’s mind and body.

The collection of the Pāḷi verses in this BOJJHAṄGA PARITTA: Mind and Body Healing, can be recited by the Mahā Saṅgha or devotees individually or collectively to invoke the blessings of the Triple Gem (Tiratana) on themselves and on others, both in times of any suffering and misfortune as well as prosperity. Generally, the Bojjhaṅga Paritta is recited on special occasions such as, for meditation, for the cultivation of insight of the true nature of existence as well as to ward off evil influences or illnesses.


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Venerable Dr Elgiriye Indaratana Mahā Thera, Sri Lankan Theravādan monk, currently he is the abbot of Mahindarama Buddhist Temple in Penang, Malaysia.

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