By Ven. Sri S.V. PaṆḌit Parudawa Pemaratana Maha Nāyaka Thera

ISBN 978-986-41167-3-6


Size: 5.75” x 5.25” (Booklet) and CD (Buddhist Audio Book)

Pages: 60 pages for the Booklet

Tracks: 18 tracks for the Audio Book CD

This booklet is written by the late Ven. Sri S.V. Paṇḍit Parudawa Pemaratana Maha Nāyaka Thera, who was the founder of the Mahindarama Sunday Pāḷi School, and the Chief Abbot of the Mahindarama (Sri Lanka) Buddhist Temple, Penang.

There is a dire need of booklets for basic understanding of the Buddha and who he was for Buddhist students and devotees in general. We, Buddhists recite some traditional formula in Pāḷi to pay homage to the Buddha, without comprehending the meaning underlying each word, entirely. If we understand the meaning of the verses in Pāḷi in their true sense, our saddhā (confidence) will be doubled and trebled. We will come to understand who the Buddha really was. The thirty-two characteristics of the Buddha have also been included in English and in Pāḷi. This will be useful to the Buddhist students and devotees who wish to have a deeper knowledge of the Buddha.



Venerable Sri S.V. Paṇḍit Paraduwa Pemaratana Māha Nāyaka Thera was born in Southern Ceylon on 17 May 1914 and was ordained a samanera (novice monk) on 18 December 1926 at the age of twelve, at the ancient Temple of Purana Vihāra in Elgiriya, Akuressa. He received higher ordination in 1934.

His devotion to studies saw him through the Preliminary, Intermediate and Final Examinations (First Division), conducted by the Oriental Studies Society, Colombo which was sponsored by the Government of Ceylon. This won him the title of Royal Paṇḍit. In 1942 he was appointed Vice-Principal, Vidyalankara (Branch) College at Kurunegala, Ceylon and was later appointed Principal.

Ven. Pemaratana came to Malaya on the Vesak Fullmoon Day of May 1955 to undertake Buddhist missionary work upon the invitation of the Sāsana Abhiwurdhi Wardhana Society, Buddhist Temple in Kuala Lumpur (now called Brickfields Buddhist Vihāra).

In 1957, he arrived in Penang at the invitation of Ven. Gunaratana Māha Nāyaka Thera to assist him in the propagation of Buddhism. In 1959, when the Mahindarama Sunday Pali School was inaugurated, he became its first Principal. He became the Abbot on the demise of the late Ven. M. A. Upananda Māha Thera on 4 September 1974.

On 25 January 1978, the Venerable Sir was honoured the Chief Saṅgha Nāyaka of Penang due to his valuable contribution towards the growth of Buddhism particularly in Penang and Malaysia in general. The award carried the title of Sri Saddhamma Visarada. He passed away peacefully in 1995.

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