Teachings on the Satipaṭṭhāna Vipassanā Meditation Practice


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“The Buddha recommended dhamma pūjā — to undertake the three sikkhā trainings: morality, concentration and wisdom.

The Buddha constructed the dhamma pagoda (dhamma ceti) by eradicating all defilements. Ceti is what people establish to pay respect and reflect upon the virtues of the Buddha. There are different types of ceti.

There are those that contain relics (dhātu ceti) and those that contain the Buddha’s belongings (pariboga ceti) as well as those that contain images of the Buddha (udesa ceti).

None of these are as important as the construction of a dhamma ceti through the practice of satipaṭṭhāna meditation. Practice the thirty seven requisites of enlightenment, become mindful of sensory consciousness and be aware of “seeing”, “hearing”, “smelling” and so on so that you can attain path and fruition knowledge (magga phala ñāṇa) and construct a dhamma ceti within your own heart. Constructing a dhamma ceti doesn’t involve brick, sand, water, or cement. It is constructed through the practice of satipaṭṭhāna meditation.

By practicing diligently, one realizes the four noble truths and can pay respect to the Buddha by offering the highest dhamma pūjā.

May you all be able to do dhamma pūjā by practicing satipaṭṭhāna mediation in the way that the Buddha really liked and appreciated!”

This book contains the essence of over 50 years of Sayādaw U Paṇḍita’s clarification of satipaṭṭhana vipassanā meditation practice. The message conveyed in this set of lectures is that one must be meticulous (with correct practice) if one wants to experience the incredible Buddha-Dhamma for oneself.


About the Author

Sayadaw U Pandita is the Ovadacariya (Chief Preceptor) and Abbot of Panditarama Meditation Centre in Yangon, Myanmar. He also heads the Panditarama Hse Main Gon Forest Meditation Centre and other branch monasteries in Myanmar. A world renowned meditation master, Sayadaw is the author of In This Very Life; The Liberation Teachings of the Buddha, a book based on talks given by Sayadaw in a three-month retreat at the Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts, USA, in 1984. As of 2005, Sayadaw continues to lead retreats and give Dhamma talks, but rarely conducted interviews himself until his passing away at the age of 94  on 16 April 2016.


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