The 31 Planes of Existence Chant in English and Chinese attached

from BHANTE SUVANNO’s cassette recordings

as transcribed by Jinavamsa
ISBN 978-983-9439-57-X
Size: 5.5” x 8.25”
Pages: 58 pages

BHANTE SUVANNO is giving us ample warning of the need to search ourselves and make ready for the day when we have to go to another world to harvest the fruits of the seed we have planted in this present time. Should we be found wanting and end up in the found wanting and end up woeful planes where there is no let up in the sufferings we must endure or if we have taken heed of this advice we may be transported to the worlds where sensual pleasures are beyond our imagination. Better still if we take notice of the warnings in real earnest we may never have to return to any worlds but be totally liberated. The choice is yours to make. Make a wise choice!

Bhante Suvanno, as he is known by his thousands of devotees, friends and students started life as an unwanted waif, motherless and practically homeless, with stray cats and dogs as his playmates. He grew up to be counted as one of the pioneers of Theravada Buddhism in Malaysia. His contribution to the spread of the sāsana (Buddha’s dispensation) is worthy of note.

In a life largely devoted to the practice of the Buddha’s teachings, he has done well scholarly; married and raised a family, saw his daughters grew up; married them off and have grand children, only then did he renounce at the age of 60 to finally take up the holy life. 

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