Lyrics by Chai Luan
Guitarist by Mano
Singers: Jacqlym, Linda & Mano
Sound Engineer: Vitchai

One Audio Compact Disc (Buddhist songs) comes along with a booklet of lyrics.

Some of our familiar tunes are fitted into Buddhist lyrics.

01. Good morning 
02. Dana, Sila, Bhavana 
03. Wise & Compassionate 
04. Be Mindful 
05. Loving Kindness 
06. May All Beings Be Well & Happy 
07. Thoughts, Speech & Deeds 
08. The More We Have Compassion 
09. You Sow You Reap 
10. Hurry, Hurry, Hurry To Temple 
11. Up The Stream 
12. Do Good, Avoid Evil, Purified Our Mind 
13. Generous, Loving-kindness & Wisdom 
14. How To Be Good 
15. How I Love 
16. You Everyone 
17. Little Bodhi Leaf 
18. Don’t Be Naughty 

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