The code of Disciplines for the Layman
Compiled by Pandit Paraduwa Pemaratana

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No 2 Kampar Road
10460 Penang

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ISBN 983-41167-2-1
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THE SIGALOVADA SUTTA which belongs to the Digha Nikaya (Long Discourses of the Buddha) in the Sutta Pitaka (Basket of Discourses) of the Pali Canon, is one of the most well-known discourses in the Buddhist World. It is also called Gihi-Vinaya the Code of Disciplines for the Layman. This Sutta gives a clear picture of the domestic and social duties of a layman. A layman must practice self-control, proper conduct, good manners and a sense of modesty as a preliminary step to be able to lead a happy, peaceful and progressive household life.

Therefore a copy of this precious discourse must be placed at hand in every Buddhist home as a guide book. Parents should read it, practice it and teach their children to learn how to respect their teachers and parents. Parents will never be disappointed or displeased with their children if they train them to follow some of the Vinaya rules mentioned here. They will never go astray. How often people got into trouble and disaster because of the association with undesirable friends? This Sutta teaches you the various characteristics of good and evil friends. It will be good for those who are able to understand and appreciate the invaluable instructions given in this Sutta, to adopt it as a guide in order to strengthen their confidence, devotion and practical knowledge for the attainment of everlasting happiness.


The late Ven Sri S.V. Pandit P. Pemaratan Maha Nayaka Thera came to Malaya on the Vesak Fullmon Day of May 1955 to undertake Buddhist missionary work upon the invitation of the Sasana Abhiwurdhi Wardhana Society, Buddhist Temple in Kuala Lumpur (now called Brickfields Buddhist Vihara). In 1957, he arrived in Penang at the invitation of Ven. K. Gunaratan Maha Nayaka Thera to assist him in the propagation of Buddhism. In 1959, when the Mahindarama Sunday Pali School was inaugurated, he became its first Principal. He became the Abbot on the demise of the late Ven. M. A. Upananda Maha Thera on 4 September 1974. He passed away peacefully in 1995.

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