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Significance of PARITTA Chanting

PARITTA Chanting is a form of Sacca-kiriya of depending on the Truth of Protection, justification or attainment. The saying, “The power of Truth protects the follower of the Truth” (Dhammo Have Rakkahati Dhamma Carim), is the principle behind these Sutta recitals. If it is true that virtue protects the virtuous, then a person who listens to these sayings with complete confidence in the truth of the Buddha’s words, which spring from complete enlightenment, will acquire so virtuous a state of mind that he will be able to conquer any evil influence.

The recital of Paritta Suttas also results in material blessings through the mental states caused by concentration and confidence in listening intelligently to the recital. According to the Buddha, Right Effort is a necessary factor in overcoming suffering (Viriyena Dukkham Accheti). Listening to one of these recitals in the proper way can also generate energy for the purpose of doing good and following the path of worldly progress with diligence. 

It is understood that listening to these Paritta Suttas must produce in the intelligent and confident listener only wholesome states which can cure and prevent illness. There is no better medicine than the Truth (Dhamma) for both the mental and physical ills which are the cause of all sufferings and misfortunes.

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