transcribed & edited by ANNA MURESU & LESLIE SHAW

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ISBN 983-3512-06-2
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Pages: 52 pages

"Vipassana is a different matter because the chain-links of dependent origination can be broken by seeing the reality of mind and matter. If you want to solve your problem, solve someone else’s problem too, then you really solve the problem."

Breaking the Link is one of a series of talks given by Sayadaw U Jotika as an introduction to a meditation retreat. The talks were given at the Buddhist Society of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia in 1998.

Sayadaw replies to a question that leads to him discussing aspects of Paticcasamuppada (Dependent Origination), as to where in the chain-link of existence, the link can be most easily severed.

He also talks about Paticcasamuppada from a practical point of view, its relevance to normal life as well as to meditation practice. He expands on how mental states are the primary influence of our lives.

He says; "when we measure other people by our standards and when we measure ourselves by other people's standards; as long as we do this, we will always feel unhappy," and expands on this.

In further questions he talks of the best way to sleep and overcome sleeping problems. How mindfulness in daily life is the best way to overcome many other problems.

May reading this Dhamma book inspire you to further strive towards the attainment of your spiritual goals!


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