from BHANTE SUVANNO’s cassette recordings
as transcribed by Jinavamsa

ISBN 983-9439-56-1
Size: 5.5” X 8.25”
Pages: 95 pages

Thus did the Buddha explain the dreams of King Pasenadi; and Bhante Suvanno has shown us how the modern trends in life were envisioned in the Sixteen Dreams. The dreams 2500 years ago describe the disintegration of the moral values of the world in that was then the future. We see all the happenings depicted in the dreams clearly and vividly and we can find situation in the world today paralleling those in the Dreams of King Pasenadi. The present trends in human activities and life styles are spiraling down towards lower realms of existence in future lives. The damage done is deeply rooted and of vast a magnitude, through such a lengthy span of time, that to reverse it would be almost impossible.

However as individuals we can do so by bearing in mind the basic teachings of the Buddha: do not do evil, do good and purify the mind. The future of the Sasana will be bleak. Now that we are in the human realm due to our past good deeds, and being in this Buddha’s Sasana, we should in all earnestness learn and practice the proper Dhamma. Young and old must practice diligently with a good teacher and not waste this rare opportunity. Should we pass away without gaining some Dhamma knowledge in this existence we will never know in what time frame and into which realm of existence we shall be born at our next rebirth. We are standing at the edge of a great precipice. The choice is ours to distance ourselves from it or to be pushed over the edge.

Bhante Suvanno, as he is known by his thousands of devotees, friends and students started life as an unwanted waif, motherless and practically homeless, with stray cats and dogs as his playmates. He grew up to be counted as one of the pioneers of Theravada Buddhism in Malaysia. His contribution to the spread of the sāsana (Buddha’s dispensation) is worthy of note.

In a life largely devoted to the practice of the Buddha’s teachings, he has done well scholarly; married and raised a family, saw his daughters grew up; married them off and have grand children, only then did he renounce at the age of 60 to finally take up the holy life.

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