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The Five Precepts; we know them, have taken them umpteen times, they are the basis of our spiritual life. And yet... To do good and avoid evil is, as an old and well-known story says, an instruction which a three years old kid can remember but a ninety years old man or woman still find difficult to carry out.


The three short essays in this book are reflections on the scope and use of precepts to build a saner world. Sandy Eastoak describes the precepts that she teaches to young people. Julie Quinn gives a simile which helps children to find back purity after a slip. Sulak Sivaraksa analyses the scope of the precepts in regards of the global suffering arising from selfish behaviour. These authors inspire us to have a new look at our moral behaviour, to reflect on it thoroughly and to polish it where necessary.



A)  Five Precepts and Eight Precepts by Venerable Dr K Sri Dhammananda


B)  Eight Lifetime Precepts (with Right Livelihood as the Eighth), Nine Precepts and Ten Precepts by Sayadaw U Sīlananda


C)  Five Precepts and Five Ennoblers by HRH the Late Supreme Patriarch Prince Vajirañāṇavarorasa


D)  Abstention (virati): The Undertaking of Precepts


E)  Factors Leading to Violation of the Precepts by Bhikkhu Bodhi


F)  The Benefits of Precepts by Bhikkhu Bodhi


G) Jātaka Story: A Gang of Drunkards


H)  Jātaka Story: A Lesson from A Snake


I)   Pāḷi Chant: Five Precepts  [Pañca Sikkhāpada]


J)  Pāḷi Chant: Eight Lifetime Precepts (with Right Livelihood as the Eighth) [Ajivaṭṭhamaka Sikkhāpada]


K)  Pāḷi Chant: Eight Uposatha Precepts [Aṭṭhaṅga Uposatha Sīla]


L)  Pāḷi Chant: Nine Uposatha Precepts [Navaṅga Uposatha Sīla]


M) Pāḷi Chant: Ten Precepts [Dasasīla / Sāmaṇerasikkhā]


N)  Working with the Precepts by Bodhisāra Stephen Gerber (with Five Precepts Cards attached at the Back Cover Flap)

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PRECEPTS: The Guardians of the World

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