About Us

About Us

The Answer May Be Just a Book Away!


“Imagine someone is searching for some understanding,

some answers to the confusion of life.

This person knows that things aren’t quite right.

There must be better ways to live one’s life than this.

He or she searches and picks up yet another book and

lo and behold finds the answer to his or her quest.

~THAT’S IT! ~ and life changes forever.”

~ Venerable Ñāadassi


An Inward Journey Book comes to you as a free Dhamma publication. This book is designed and published by Inward Path Publisher (IPP) which aims at disseminating the Buddha’s noble teachings of wisdom and compassion to people from all walks of life through the printing of Dhamma books for free distribution. If you wish to obtain an Inward Journey book, or sponsor or contribute towards the publication of Inward Journey books for free distribution, please contact:


Inward Path Publisher

P.O. Box 1034, 10830 Georgetown

PENANG • Malaysia


Inward Path Publisher

@ House of Inward Journey

33C 2nd Floor Angsana Road (Farlim)

11500 Bandar Baru Air Itam

Penang, Malaysia